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Still a very popular type of vehicle, the SUV or sport-utility vehicles can be used for many different purposes.   SUVs are popular because of their bulky size, speed, handling agility, versatility and modern styling. Most SUVs are reliable and can be used either for regular driving, such as picking up groceries or can be used in tough weather conditions including snow.  The cost of most new SUVs are expensive, especially the luxury ones like the cadillac escalade or lincoln navigator. However, you can save a lot of mony by buying a Used Suv. Many Used SUVs are in good condition and will have years of use left in them.  When buying a used suv, check out the condition of the vehicle, mileage and if it comes with any type of warranty.  Most used vehicles won't have any type of warranty so it's important to buy from a seller who has a good reputation and who gives details about the condition of the vehicle.

Below and on you will find hundreds of discount used suvs for sale.  Check back often as we update new suv listings on a daily basis.

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